Hello World!

Our names are Anna, Laura, and Jeff.  We are all former Master’s students from the Teacher Education program at Stanford University (class of 2015).  We have created this site in response to a trend that we noticed while student teaching.

Trend: High levels of stress makes it hard to learn.

Seems pretty simple, right?

The hard thing is that is can be unclear what we can (and should) do as teachers when a student is displaying changes in behavior as a result of stress.  Whether the student is withdrawing, fighting, acting disruptive, and/or having trouble concentrating, the body’s response to stress has created a barrier that makes teaching and learning more difficult.

Our program at Stanford taught us about teaching pedagogy and many promising practices, but these are difficult to utilize effectively if we cannot even get through to our students.  And because stress and trauma can physically alter the body and brain, we must consider new promising practices that take this into account.

This site does not offer all the answers.  What it does offer are the resources that we have been able to dig up and a space for people like you to leave comments and suggestions of your own.


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