As teachers, we’ll be acting as mentors, educators and advocates for hundreds of

students each year, many of whom face stress on a regular basis. Schools and

classrooms cause some of this stress through the pressure of grades and test

scores and/or the social pressures that students feel in the school environment.

Other stress can be “brought in” to the classroom from students’ personal lives.

In addition to these stressors, some students also experience traumatic events

that could endure over a long period of time. All of these types of stress

undoubtedly affect students’ ability to learn and function in school to their fullest

potential. As educators interacting with these students, we believe it is important

that we develop a deeper understanding of how we can best support students in

order to foster growth and success while acknowledging the stress that exists. We

recognize that there are some cases where we can take action to decrease

negative stress. In other cases, we do not have control over the cause of the

stress and need to instead figure out how to support the student in the face of

stress and/or trauma that exists. Through student feedback and research, we

were able to get a better sense of how different types of stress impact students’

lives/needs and what we teachers can do to alleviate these roadblocks to



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